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We believe... providing the highest quality goods whether it be our fine jewelry, 

luxury candles or crystals. We take pride and strive to create truly

unique and beautifully hand-crafted objects.

We also believe in responsibly sourcing all aspects of our products, ethical work

conditions/practices for each of our skilled artisans, and instead of mass-produced

generic items, we focus on sourcing the purest natural elements

in limited edition/small-batch quantities.


We select and use only the earth's rarest and finest elements,

crafted by the most accomplished and skilled artisans, using ancient

and the most advanced production techniques alike.

We then carefully test all of our ingredients to the highest of health standards. 

We don't just sell to the world. We’re part of it.

That's why we support charities focused on human rights, 

HIV/cancer research, animals, and natural resources around the world. 

Robert Sepúlveda Jr. 


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